Environmental Safety


The Moosic Lakes Club (MLC) was established in 1942 as a non-profit organization that acquires, holds and maintains the real estate, roads, and lake rights for the purpose of the private community.  Under the leadership of an active Board we are charged with protecting and preserving these lands and waterways.

In protecting our lands and waters we must require all members to know and understand the importance of protecting and maintaining the indigenous plants and wildlife within our community on club owned property as well as your own.

Lakes, Roads and Commons

The Moosic Lakes Club oversees two of the most pristine Lakes in Pennsylvania and has done so for over 74 years.  The Officers and Directors of the Moosic Lakes Club extend bids and award work to various contractors and suppliers who understand the need for special care when working in and around our lakes.  This message should be conveyed to any contractor doing work in our community.

Contractor or Landscaper Equipment

It is imperative that all equipment used within our community be thoroughly clean and free of any foreign vegetation.  All vehicles shall be inspected (by the contractor) for fluid leaks prior to entering club property.  Any vehicles left on club property must be approved by the MLC Board. No work shall be done on club owned property without prior authorization.

Fill and Planting Materials

DO NOT use fill of any kind which has not been thoroughly screened and free from invasive plants, seeds or roots.  Any work which results in the introduction of non-indigenous and/or invasive species shall be remedied at the expense of the contractor or parties executing the work.

It is expected all plantings will be indigenous of Northeast Pennsylvania and any removal of club owned vegetation will be restored to its original state using similar plants and/or trees.  Plants and Trees will be of the approximate size and caliper of those removed. The Moosic Lakes Club maintains a list of recommended indigenous vegetation.

Freshwater Bryozoan

Please do not disturb these and contact us if you find them!

Read more about this askanaturalist.com/jelly-like-blob-under-my-dock/

Moosic Lakes Clearwater Project

The Moosic Lake Board has a long history of testing the lake water and felt it was important to share this valuable information to members. A new summary report MLC Clearwater Project will be posted at this site which displays the historical data from all water test result records available. In addition, all future water test results will be included going forward.

Road Project Update

The MLC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the summer project to improve the road surface condition is complete. Based on the Road Committee recommendation a ‘Tar and Chip’ surface has been implemented on Trolley Lane, from the second entrance, by the mail boxes to the intersection of Old Lake Road. This is in addition to the Summer 2018 project which improved the main section of Old Lake Road.

To protect this significant investment that has been made by the club, several speed bumps have been installed. The speed bumps are not permanent and should be on the road during the busy summer months when most of the traffic wear and tear occurs.

  • Normal traffic speed, 15 MPH, will be appropriate on all road sections, of course slowing to pass over the bumps as needed.
  • Remember that our roads are our sidewalks.

This project is a multi-year approach, with the goal of road improvement with overall budget savings over time.

Important Information