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As you know, as a safety protocol, weekly waterfront water quality testing is done at the Community Center during the summer swimming season at Moosic Lakes.

We are notifying the community the water testing performed during the current week of 8/8/2023 reported results with elevated eColi levels that exceeded safe levels.

The CC waterfront area was immediately closed to swimmers.

Repeat testing was performed multiple times in the following days at the CC waterfront to insure the return to our normal readings. A water samples were also taken for testing at the Oak Common and at the Little Lake at this time. As of 8/16/23 all testing results show safe levels.

See the Attached MLC Clearwater table for details.

The CC waterfront area has been reopened to swimmers.

Lake residents are advised to review the testing results with the following expert provided recommendations:

  • When the number of E. coli/Enterococci exceeds 104/100 ml, there may be other microorganisms present in the water which could cause illness, such as gastroenteritis or ear infections.
  • It is generally recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency not to swim in water containing enterococci counts that have an average value exceeding 35/100 ml or a single sample result of more than 104/100.  Thus counts that exceed 104/100 ml are highlighted in red.

Thank you

Moosic Lakes board