Regulations, Reminders and Bylaws

Please contact MLC at with any questions or concerns regarding these regulations and reminders.

2021 Rules & Regulations

Club Property.

MLC owns property along both the shoreline and on either side of the roads. Cutting of any tree along the shoreline of the lake and in the right of way of the road is allowed only after MLC has been contacted and permission has been granted.

As the roads right of way varies greatly throughout the community (road right of way can be anywhere from 25 feet to 150 feet +/- ), members need to understand that they do no own the trees on Club property.

Trees along the shoreline cannot be cut down. The shoreline should be limited to lake access of approximately 20 feet. Clear cutting of the shoreline is absolutely forbidden.

These restrictions are to ensure that the lake is protected from unnecessary runoff and the community maintains its rural quality. Contact MLC in order to review property lines before tree cutting. Cutting of any tree along the shoreline of the lake and in the right of way of the road is not allowed. Please email for the Building Committee to contact you.

Dues and Assessments.

Because Moosic Lakes is a private community, all roadwork, snow removal, insurance, and maintenance of facilities, to name only some responsibilities, are financed solely on the dues from property owners. Residents are invoiced annually in early April, and all dues and assessments must be paid-in-full by May 31. Delinquent payments are subject to an additional $30.00 fee. (Keep in mind that MLC must pay its bills on a timely basis. And, if residents fail to pay their dues on time, MLC will also incur late charges.) Please understand our policy and pay any outstanding fees as soon as possible. Please email for any questions.


The Officers and Directors will continue to monitor the cutting of trees where deemed appropriate for safety or infrastructure needs. Residents should contact PPL Electric Utilities at 1.800.342.5775 to report any trees or limbs posing danger via potential damage to power lines.


Rentals of property are not allowed at Moosic Lakes.

Resale Certificate.

Any member considering selling property is required to have a resale certificate at closing. The purpose of this requirement is so new owners will have an opportunity to learn of membership requirements, dues, by-laws, and policies.


The speed limit is 15 MPH for all vehicles including automobiles, trucks, motor and mountain bikes, golf carts, snowmobiles, and ATV’s. Speed Bumps are laid down in the summer to remind drivers to slow down as our roads are our walkways as well as helping to maintain the capital improvements in the road surfaces.


Dogs are not permitted to run wild and must be leashed when off the owner’s property, and restrained when on the owner’s property. Also, please clean up promptly after your pet. Pet waste can contaminate our lakes.

Boat Requirements.

Every watercraft, i.e., rowboats, sail boats, kayaks, other water vessels must be equipped with a PFD life preserver per person and noise activating device (Ex. a whistle). This is in keeping with the PA State Laws. Children must wear PFD at all times when in a craft.

Lakes and Waterfront.

Waterfront rules must be observed. PA rules apply for boating and fishing. To prevent unwanted lake vegetation and ensure the pure quality of the Lakes:

All boats (rowboats, sailboats, paddleboats, kayaks, etc.) must be thoroughly cleaned prior to launch.

Do not transfer boats between lakes.

Dispose of live bait at least 100 feet from shore.

Guests at Moosic Lakes.

Guests must adhere to all rules and regulations of Moosic Lakes, including boating, swimming, hunting and fishing regulations.

Community Center Regulations & Aquatic Safety.

All users of the lakes and Community Center must adhere to the Center’s rules and regulations, to all posted main beach rules, and to those rules enforced by lifeguards. For information about renting the Center, or to schedule any activities or events at the Center, please contact MLC.

Safety and In Case of Emergency.

For purposes of safety and emergency issues, residents are asked to consider providing specific directions and addresses to their Moosic Lakes home/property, not only to Jefferson Township responders, but to any home security providers residents may use as well.

Road-side reflective house number signs are now required by Jefferson Township ordinance and can be provided by the Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Company. The cost is $20.

911 Address Signs – Jefferson Township Volunteer Fire Company (


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