Volunteer Opportunities

Resident volunteers are vital to preserving the health of the lakes and community.  Please consider ongoing opportunities to help out. Per the updated 2021 ByLaws, the Active committees are appointed at the discretion of the board. Contact MLC at info@moosiclakes.org to let us know where your interests lie.  Also, let us know if you see a need for any additional groups at this time.

Building Committee.

This Committee serves as our liaison with Jefferson Township, and ensures that members who are building or making renovations on properties are both aware of, and in compliance with, the Rules and Regulations of the lake.
2022 MLC Contractor Rules

By-laws Committee.

This committee is active when necessary.  The  ByLaws were redone in 2021 so the committee is presently inactive

Community Center Committee.

This Committee monitors the Community Center and surrounding area and communicates needs and suggestions for upkeep.  This includes the oversight of the Community Center and beach area rules and regulations.

Environmental Committee.

This Committee coordinates lake water, plant, and fish studies as appropriate, and communicates results of these studies back to the Community.

Nominating (Elections) Committee.

This Committee is named by the Board and solicits member interest in running for Board positions.  The Nominating Committee presents nominations prior to the August General Membership meeting, and the election of officers and directors is then made at the meeting.  (Note: Nominations can also be open from the floor.)

Roads & Commons Committee.

This Committee works with our contractors on the upkeep of our roads, including ditches and common areas.  Prior to contracting with any vendor, the work must be approved, the work must be approved by the MLC Board and Officers.

Women’s Club.

This Club largely exists for the benefit of members’ children, and hosts events and fundraisers such as recreation nights, pasta dinners, and social events.  Items such as Moosic Lakes T-shirts, glasses and other apparel may also be purchased from members of the Women’s Club.