Volunteer Opportunities

Resident volunteers are vital to preserving the health of the lakes and community. Please consider helping in one or more of the following areas. Contact MLC at info@moosiclakes.org to let us know where your interests lie.  Also, let us know if you see a need for any additional groups at this time.


Advisors allow for a streamlined way of addressing neighborhood challenges by serving as key links between our Community and the Board. Advisors periodically survey assigned territories for such concerns as blocked ditches, branches too close to utility lines, dead trees, etc., and report these kinds of issues to the Board. An advisor might also inform the Board of regional residents questions, concerns, and ideas for improvement.

Building Committee.

This Committee serves as our liaison with Jefferson Township, and ensures that members who are building or making renovations on properties are both aware of and in compliance with rules and regulations.

By-laws Committee.

By-laws are a set of rules adopted by an organization for its own meetings or affairs. This group reviews and updates our by-laws as needed.

Community Center Committee.

This Committee monitors the Center and surrounding area, and communicates needs and suggestions for upkeep. This includes the establishment and communication of Center and beach use rules and regulations, scheduling Center rentals, and securing summer lifeguards.

Environmental Committee.

This Committee coordinates lake water, plant, and fish studies as appropriate, and communicates results of these studies back to the Community.

Finance Committee.

A committee of individuals seeking to assist the Community in securing its financial future. This committee seeks ways to control ongoing costs of the Club, collect funds due the Club, and budget for the Club’s everyday cost of doing business. This Committee looks for common sense answers to today’s difficult financial problems.

Membership Committee.

This Committee maintains our membership listing to support various functions, including monitoring summer meeting attendance.

Nominating (Elections) Committee.

This Committee is named by the Board and solicits member interest in running for Board positions. The Nominating Committee presents nominations prior to the August General Membership meeting, and the election of officers and directors is then made at the meeting. (Note: Nominations can also be open from the floor.)

Roads & Commons Committee.

This Committee works with our contractors on the upkeep of our roads, including ditches and commons areas. Prior to contracting with any vendor, the work must be approved by the MLC Board and Officers.

Steering (Long-Term Plan) Committee.

Following receipt of a “Long-Term Plan/Guideline”, this group was formed in 2005 to assist in ensuring the long-term health of our lakes and surrounding area. This committee is charged with Community education and initiating the plan’s suggestions for the overall growth and development of the Community wherever possible. Both our newsletter and several environmental studies are a direct result of this group’s efforts.

Women’s Club.

This Club largely exists for the benefit of members’ children, and hosts events and fundraisers such as recreation nights, pasta dinners, and the annual dance. Items such as Moosic Lakes T-shirts, glasses, and other apparel may also be purchased from members of the Women’s Club.