To the Moosic Lakes Community

As many of you know, the lake tested positive for eColi last week.  The Community Beach House water is tested each week during the swim season as mandated by the State of Pennsylvania.

The lake was retested today in 6 different points.  We initially thought we would have the results back by today but have been notified that we will not have them today.   We will update you as soon as we get back the results tomorrow.

Again, anyone with a compromised immune system, young children and the elderly should refrain from swimming until the results are back.

The Moosic Lake Board


Good News for the Lakes

The testing for eColi found that BOTH lakes are safe to swim in again.  When we get more specifics, we will post to the website.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Moosic Lake Board

Summer 2018
The MLC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the summer project to improve the road surface condition is complete.   Based on the Road Committee recommendation a ‘Tar and Chip’ surface has been implemented on a section of Old Lake Road.  To protect this significant investment that has been made by the club, several speed bumps have been purchased and been installed.  The speed bumps are not permanent and should  be on the road during the busy summer months when most of the traffic wear and tear occurs.  We are currently reviewing all member feedback on the topic, and evaluating optimum placement for the speed bumps.

  • Normal traffic speed, 15 MPH, will be appropriate on all road sections, of course slowing to pass over the bumps as needed.
  • Remember that our roads are our sidewalks.

The ultimate goal of this project is to take a multi-year approach to road improvement in order to realize a total budget savings over time.

Thank you, MLC Board of Directors

Moosic Lakes is a private community situated atop picturesque Moosic Mountain in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It is the highest elevation in Lackawanna County, at 2,323 feet, and consists of two spring-fed lakes surrounded by beautiful woodlands and natural scenery.

At one time, Moosic Lakes was also known as “Moosic Lake Amusements”, a park that opened at the beginning of the 1900's. This park, which closed in 1925, was home to a merry-go-round, roller coaster, and dance pavilion, in addition to other rides and concessions. Famous entertainers would also perform here. The pavilion, which housed a dining room with stage, remained standing until it burned in 1962. The mountain was also home to a popular boys camp for many years under the sponsorship of the Bishop of Scranton.

Development of Moosic Lakes property for public sale began in 1938, and the Moosic Lakes Club (MLC) was established in 1942. Membership in the MLC is required of all property owners. Because this is a private community, all road and facilities upkeep, snow removal, insurance, etc. are financed solely on annual invoiced dues and assessments as needed. Dues, donations, grants, and assessments also allow for environmental studies and other projects intended for the preservation of the lakes and surrounding properties. For instance, the community was able to construct a new Community Center and enhance the main beach area.

Moosic Lakes is now home to over 200 year-round and seasonal residents. And more than one-half of those MLC members responding to a 2006 survey revealed that they have lived at Moosic Lakes for over 30 years.

This site is a means of providing a variety of information to all residents and property owners with online access. It is not intended as a replacement for any other current methods of community correspondence. It is also our hope that all members who access this site will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the importance of maintaining the quality of our lakes and preserving our woodlands and
  • Become more involved by volunteering to assist in the continued health and beauty of Moosic Lakes.

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